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about us

we wanted more from email, so we created MeMail.

Social media is fun and powerful because it allows us to express our personalities. We had a vision that email could be fun and powerful too if it also allowed the sender to express their unique personality.

Our team, headquartered in Germany, New York, and beyond with a global group of entrepreneurs, developers, programmers, engineers and designers, worked together to make this vision a reality.

First, we curated the largest collection of personalized URL’s ever assembled—for unique email addresses after the@—almost 9,000 and growing.

Next, we created a platform and website that makes it easy to select from our addresses and create a unique email address to fit any personality, profession or style.

Then, we developed email service with the best possible security and uncompromising privacy, that is scalable and expandable with affordable storage, and has the built-in ability to send really large files—all without annoying advertising!

Choose a Free or Premium email and service plan—or choose an email address with personality from us and use it with your existing email service!

We’re proud to have launched MeMail and we’d love you to try it.

Vision, technology, determination, strategic, reliability, persistent

favorite memail address

Because I want them to know it's from me!

Michael Hauck


Reality, sociable, international, open-minded, passion

favorite memail address

Because it's for me to communicate with friends worldwide!

Anschelika Smoljar


Strategist, entrepreneur, creative

favorite memail address

Because I'm an eternal optimist

Mark Koch


Creative problem solver, art director, branding

favorite memail address

Because it expresses what I love to do in the place I love

Julie Koch-Beinke


Entrepreneur, Strategist, Microsoft Technologies Platform Expert

favorite memail address

Because it is all about technology.

Saqib Javed


Web developer, UI/UX designer, coder

favorite memail address

Because biking is life

Jared Pereira


Marketer, communicator, coordinator

favorite memail address

Because I could never get an email with my name before

Heather Johnson


UX designer, SEO and social media specialist

favorite memail address

Because I wanted an alternative to gmail

Daniel Acacio

User Experience

IT Expert, Systems Strategist

favorite memail address

Because my IT friends in Germany will be impressed

Conrad Cordeiro


Entrepreneur, Imaginative, Strategist

favorite memail address

Because I like doing new things 😊

Vinay Sharma


Azure, Devops, Application Development

favorite memail address

Because I am a techie

Haider Mehndi Rizvi


Manual Testing, Requirements gathering

favorite memail address

Because I am a Quality Analyst

Anjali Kumari


Azure, Devops, Application Development

favorite memail address

Because I like development

Pawan Shukla


Application Development

favorite memail address

Because I am a programmer

Shashank Gupta


Designer, coder, artist

favorite memail address

Because I create art in my free time

Katie Story


Designer, photographer, creator

favorite memail address

Because design and art is a universal language

Lynn Marfey


Admin, logistics, client relations

favorite memail address

Because I love having my email reflect my favorite activity

Ashley Tran


motivator, client relations, office dj

favorite memail address

Because we all need to spread our wings and fly!


Office Mascot

couch tester, sun beam finder, personal groomer

favorite memail address

Because i'm a tiger at heart


Office Mascot

party planner, food tester, entertainer

favorite memail address

Because i never want to grow up


Office Mascot

with over 20 years of experience, the MeMail Team has a proven track record of success.

  •  MeMail owns and controls all email domains for security
  •  MeMail is fully independent and self-funded
  •  MeMail is an experienced provider of secure and reliable online solutions
  •  Furthermore, MeMail partners with the best and most reliable service providers in the industry to provide secure, trustworthy service with the best user experience.

we want you to love the new personal, social and secure email - MeMail!

please let us know if you have any features you’d like to see in future developments of MeMail.

go ahead, select your email address below!

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